28 December 2007

Questia Research Library

I love Stumbleupon. Often I find some really useful looking web sites, like Questia.

Questia is a virtual library, I had a quick browse in my subject areas and it seems to have a lot of material that is useful for my study. There is a cost to subscribe, about $100 US for 12 months access which doesn't seem too much.

I shall check it out some more and keep it in mind for next semester.

Another useful resource, Study Guides and Strategies by Joe Landsberger has a lot of material to benefit learning processes.

14 December 2007

Google Earth to catch a killer?

Homicide detectives are hoping satellite images captured by Google Earth may provide some clues in the recent murder case of a woman in Victoria. More from News Limited.

11 December 2007

Labor's full-fee degree abolition

Australia went to the polls late last month and voted in the new Labor government, on a platform of industrial relations, climate change and educational reform. The wave of optimistic euphoria following the change of guard is levelling out somewhat as Labor put their plans into practice. The biggest change ahead for universities is of course the move to abolish full fee degrees for domestic students, in favour of more merit-awarded HECS places.

This would seem to fit in with the UQ's John Quiggin's view that all the FEE-HELP scheme did was lead to overcharging of students. There is a concern however about the hit universities would take financially, and some speculation about whether the government will provide extra funding to compensate.

While Education Minister Julia Gillard maintains that universities will be adequately compensated for the full-fee phase out, the forecast is that universities will be forced to make more places available for full-fee paying international students.