4 September 2006

SSK12 and Me - Worksheet

This exercise prompts me to describe the three most important areas of concern in my study and how this unit might help me to address these.

I think the largest area of concern for me is time management. Initially as I was familiarising myself with the study materials, time management seemed the least of my concerns. I've come to realise that time management will help keep me focussed and motivated, and reduce stress.

Several of the early learning skill exercises in SSK12 look at managing your study and time effectively. I think if I make the effort to complete these exercises and adopt a method to suit the benefits will outweigh any extra time I spend.

Secondly, critical thinking is another of my week areas. I am very used to accepting things at face value, without questioning.

Most of the work required in SSK12 seems to be designed to help the student apply critical thinking, from keeping a learning log to the essay assessment tasks.

The final area of concern is essay writing; a lot of this stems from my experiences at highschool. I think SSK12 will teach me useful techniques in planning and writing an essay. The critical thinking will also be of value here.

Questions? None that I can think of at the moment. I have been reading posts on the discussion forums and learned about learning log requirements, not having to complete every single exercise, making the course content "my own".

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