16 August 2016

Diploma Finished!

I'm a little late in posting the news here, but pleased to acknowledge that I finally completed my Accounting Diploma in December 2015. Is certainly wonderful to finally have this qualification under my belt. Particularly since it was completed in even busier circumstances at work, after the new boss resigned in October, I stepped up to the role of Acting General Manager.

We have a new General Manager now, I was not interested in applying for the position myself. I am back to my permanent role of Administration Manager. Presently on three weeks leave, quite burnt out! I have suggested to the GM that we have a review and overhaul of admin positions, particularly mine, which is possibly more senior than it has to be. At this stage I'm not sure if this is wishful thinking on my part though, wanting to get back to the type of work I prefer and relinquishing a bit of the extra responsibility I've taken on over the last couple of years, while our leadership has been in rather a state of flux.

Further study.. well in late February this year I enrolled into a Cert IV Training course, delivered entirely online. However it seems this was a little premature.. I've done very little of the course work, it has been so very busy in my job and I've run out of energy for study (or anything else). I'm hoping to build up the reserves again during the next few weeks break.

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