28 December 2014

Update for 2014

Well it has been a little quiet here on this blog during the year, rather quiet on the study front as well. I'm so pleased to have met all my study goals in 2013, I began the new year with only three units left of my diploma course. Sadly those three units remain at the end of 2014.

I had to re-enrol with OTEN, paying full course fees, which gave me until February 2016 to complete the course. This extra time made it only too easy to allow my job to draw all of my focus and attention away from study. There was an intense period at work in the first three months, preparing for our four year accreditation. Then in the months following we had several key people resign, which lead to a staff restructure. I took on a new position as Admin Manager with increased part-time hours. In reality it is a busy full-time position but budget constraints make it part-time, which means a lot of unpaid personal time has been given to the role. All of this left no energy for study.

There are three days left of the year and in the past few days off work I have established a new study routine which I shall endeavour to get me through the final three units. My goal is to complete these by the end of June 2015. My job will continue to be busy, especially with another Enterprise Bargaining process about to start. This year my diploma study takes priority in my own time.

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