3 November 2013

After the diploma?

Possibly a little premature to be thinking about what I want to do after completing the diploma - I have six units to go. By the end of the year I hope to have only three units left, so the end really is in sight.

I've joined a Facebook group with others studying their diploma of accounting, and someone asked what we plan on doing with our diploma once we've finished - is a degree the next step. It was interesting to read the responses, since a lot of people gave their background to what lead to doing the diploma in the first place. Most people are doing it for career advancement. I'm a little different I guess.

I graduated to the bookkeeping, payroll and BAS at work, without formal quals but with a 15 year background in banking and admin work. Have since completed a couple of Cert III subjects - bookkeeping and HR, and the end is in sight with this Diploma. I love my present job and workplace, and I'm not studying for the job opportunities, but for professional development in my current position.

I've been toying with the idea of studying for degree eventually.. but it's a big commitment and I don't really need the quals. Plus life is too short and I want to get away from textbooks for a while! I'll probably continue with the shorter courses that help me in my present work, rather than go the whole way with a degree.