30 October 2012


Love it when a plan comes together... a few months ago, in a performance review discussion with my boss, we plotted a succession plan for my position. I offered to split my hours in a job share arrangement and my boss agreed. We set a timeframe, and we recruited and my new job share partner started in early October, just a few weeks outside the original target date. Which I find kind of impressive, knowing how these things sometimes drag out.

So now I'm working three days a week (because management kindly agreed not only to the job share arrangement, but also to slightly increasing the hours for my position) which makes room for other things, like study. And now that the crazy time of year is over - end of year financial audit, annual general meeting, not to mention negotiation of new enterprise agreement - I am free to pursue my new study goals.

It has been nearly five years since I took on my current finance role, which has grown almost as much as I have. I've completed two work-related Cert IV courses and it is time now to upgrade to a Diploma.

Have looked at a couple of the delivery options. Thought of doing the whole thing from scratch (with a few credits from my Cert IV), but have decided to explore the RPL route. If I can get away with only having to complete a couple of gap subjects it will be worthwhile, particularly since it can be partially funded through Smart Skilling Queensland (frankly I'm amazed this funding is still available, given all the other cuts this year).

Forms have been sent off to TAFE, now waiting to hear back from an assessor. Fingers crossed.