30 June 2011

Internet studies update

I discovered a little while ago (probably 12 mths or more) that the degree course I'd started has undergone a restructure and a name change - it is now Bachelor of Arts (Internet Communications).

On one hand I think it would be nice oneday to go back and finish the degree, although there is still a long way to go. I'd completed something like five or six units out of the required 24.

On the other hand, what do I really need it for? My interest in internet communications has waned a little, my head is full of payroll/finance/admin stuff now. I'm dabbling with the idea of going further into accounting studies (but a nice long break first).

Hmm. Don't know. I'm hoping the five or six units I did wont go to waste, maybe applicable for credit transfer if I don't leave it too long.

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Taraeta said...

Hi :) Just googled myself and discovered your post from 2009 re my studies. Well I have finished the Internet Communications degree. But after reading some blog posts thought I would mention I ended up gaining credits by doing a Diploma of Business Administration and Diploma of Management at TAFE. The units will be valid for I think 5 years, so thought I would share my experiences with the Internet Comms degree. Taraeta