28 November 2011

HR update

The end is in sight! Just finishing off the assessment task for two units, then only one unit left to go, it's good to be so close to the end. It has been very tough going, between this subject and the EB negotiations at work I'm quite convinced against a HR career. Sticking with finance.

30 June 2011

Internet studies update

I discovered a little while ago (probably 12 mths or more) that the degree course I'd started has undergone a restructure and a name change - it is now Bachelor of Arts (Internet Communications).

On one hand I think it would be nice oneday to go back and finish the degree, although there is still a long way to go. I'd completed something like five or six units out of the required 24.

On the other hand, what do I really need it for? My interest in internet communications has waned a little, my head is full of payroll/finance/admin stuff now. I'm dabbling with the idea of going further into accounting studies (but a nice long break first).

Hmm. Don't know. I'm hoping the five or six units I did wont go to waste, maybe applicable for credit transfer if I don't leave it too long.

Cert IV HR update

I think last year I hit a wall after signing up for this course, as I haven't got very far with it. I managed to get credits for a couple of units completed in my last subject. I've completed one of the units and put in some work for another, but have really been dragging the chain. I made enquiries about throwing in the towel, but I'm committed financially. My trainer said she refuses to let me quit! she met me the other day to see what I could shortcut through RPL. That maybe another two units. She encouraged me to use real life examples instead of the assessment exercises from the text if it is any easier (it is). So I'm a little more hopeful about getting this finished.

Holidays coming up towards the end of July, as well as a Cert IV workshop where my trainer will be. I'm aiming to finish off the easy units, get the RPL paperwork ready for her to certify me.

Will be glad when it's finished. Intend to have a good long break before the next course.