7 October 2010

Went and did sumfing stoopid

Was so keen to do it a few months ago, went and signed up for it, now I can't really be fagged to get stuck into my Cert IV Human Resources Management course. Why oh why did I do it? My zeal for work-related study is lately exhausted. Will I never get back to my Internet Studies??

Finished bookkeeping

Ok, ok.. it took a little longer than I anticipated, so many MYOB assignments! and I got sidetracked by things at work.. like audit, annual general meeting, and the draft enterprise bargaining agreement.. but I'm so happy to say right now, it's done it's done!

A deadly boring subject the last unit – occupational health and safety, my eyes glaze over just hearing the title. But yay I’ve finished! What a relief.

14 July 2010

Bookkeeping update

Well it's July and things have been busy at work so I'm still finishing this off.. although there is not much to go - two MYOB assignments and then the boring WPH & S unit (I'm thinking I should have got it over with earlier on). Aiming for the end of this month and I'm on track so far.

Looking ahead, I was successful in getting into the Cert IV Human Resources through a government sponsored apprenticeship scheme, supervised through my place of employement which I'm really happy about because it is not costing me or my employer anything (apart from tax dollars). I've got my first units which I've started looking at, meeting with trainer early next month.

16 January 2010

Nearly finished bookkeeping

Aiming to get this completed by Jun 2010, with a bit of luck I'll finish ahead of schedule. Have continued to get straight HDs, I suspect the marking is pretty easy, the comments from tutor always seem to follow a set formula!

Only four units left:

1. 20980A Develop & implement policies & practices
2. 20985A Deliver professional service/resolve disputes
3. 21110B MYOB 18
4. and 21115A Apply health and safety practices in the workplace

(I've left the boring-est for last).

What to do after June? not sure, maybe finish off my Internet Comms degree.. or perhaps a Certificate in Human Resources before finishing the degree.