7 April 2007

REA11 - Halfway through

Taking a breather from assignment two to record a bit of info about this unit before I leave it too late.

The unit outline from OUA:

Expand your skills in critical thinking. This unit provides you with an introduction to the practical application of concepts and analytical procedures associated with reasoning. It aims to develop your abilities and confidence to think clearly and analyse effectively, teaching better techniques of reasoning. You will develop an understanding of the need for a critical attitude, how to conduct research and analyse and communicate more effectively and flexibly. This unit is useful to students from any discipline or any degree but particularly those studying arts, business, law and information technology.

I'm enjoying this unit, it is really well organised and the subject material is getting the grey matter ticking. I'm in with a handful of students from last SP NET11 - I think some of us were a little bit nervous after feedback from students who took REA11 last SP. I was; the main reason I took this unit on its own instead of taking two units this SP. It certainly has taken the pressure off.

Our REA11 tutor Wendy Sahanaya (I can't help thinking "sayonara") is very helpful. She exercises a bit more control over the discussion board than Cynth did, but I think it's a good thing as it helps keep us on track. There also seems to be a more sensible approach to the submission of assignments - 'if you're late, you might not get as much feedback but we're all adults here'.

This SP is going quickly! I've enrolled in two units next SP - NED11 and NET12. It'll be upon me before I know it.