25 November 2007

NED12 Final assignment

We had to do a web site and a flash-based banner ad with animation and audio.

The web site - I had some really helpful feedback from tutor and class, was pretty happy with it (a bit over it at the moment, having been working on it solidly the last two/three weeks). A copy is published at www.mja.au.com

The flash banner ad was interesting. I am still trying to get the hang of layers, stages, frames and instances. For my first banner ad with audio it is a fair attempt I think!

20 November 2007

What the hcard

Thought I'd read up on this and include it with my assignment. Digital Web Magazine article - http://www.digital-web.com/articles/microformats_primer/

24ways.org article - http://24ways.org/2005/practical-microformats-with-hcard

12 November 2007

Hold your position

Patrick Fitzgerald provides this concise yet well explained 10-step lesson in CSS Positioning. A good demonstration of the value of chunking for any sort of learning material. It managed to sink in through my thick head!

Also learned something about vertical centering from Bert Bos' tips on Centering Things. Unfortunately there was a browser compatibility issue with lists and the display: table-cell property, so I couldn't use it.

11 November 2007

Colorblind filter

Or if you're Australian like me - colourblind filter.

In NED12 assignment one, the marker commented that they wondered how the design would go with a red filter. I decided to test this on my final assignment, and found an online filter test at http://colorfilter.wickline.org/.

So far my design-in-progress has passed with flying colours (haha). I also tested my design from assignment one - my lovely Australian bush colours become quite drab, but at least it still seems to pass from an accessibility standpoint.

Rounded corners in photoshop

Was trying to get anti-aliased curves. This method works great - http://matthom.com/archive/2004/09/10/fast-rounded-corners-in-photoshop

6 November 2007

Pardon my plagiarism

It's not illegal, it is a simple question of ethics: an interesting look at the issue of plagiarism. The different attitudes towards students and academics; the tremendous resources used to ineffectually try to "catch" plagiarists; the injustices and the inpracticalities. Dale Spender argues that while cheating slips under the radar there is little logic in punishing students for using the words of others or as Benjamin Franklin put it, "standing on the shoulders of giants" in their learning process. Read more from smh.com.au

Socialising improves your memory

According to new research spending just 10 minutes talking to someone can help improve your memory and can also boost your performance in tests.

Researchers at the University of Michigan say they have found that socializing is just as effective as more traditional methods of mental exercise for boosting the memory and improving intellectual performance. Read more from News-Medical.Net.

The value of an Arts degree

Interesting article by 18 year old Patrick Begley - Is the Arts degree history? To consider liberal arts studies to have little relevance in the modern workforce is to overlook the value of Arts in encouraging a variety of thinking skills. Read more from news.com.au

5 November 2007

Module 12: Search Engine Optimization

Bound to be lots about this one.

Module 11: Video Design

Video resources

Module 10: Audio Design

Putting audio on the web

Tutor Edwin provided link to free audio site he uses: http://freesound.iua.upf.edu/forum/index.php

Fellow student Daniel very helpfully provided link to some great software - http://www.nch.com.au/switch/index_b.html which really helped me with my banner ad part of the assignment!

Module 9: Logo Design

Good resources for learning about logo design

Module 8: Copyright

Copyright resources

Module 7: Animation Introduction

Find stuff about making animations - in Flash preferably. Found this tutorial on creating a photo fading slideshow from UC Berkeley, for Apple users.

Fellow student Tracy M found this ALA article by Drew McLellan on embedding flash while supporting web standards, Flash Satay.

Some CS3 basics from Adobe.

Module 6: Project Management

Look for good resources about project management (particularly web site projects of course)

Module 5: Banner ad design

List some useful resources to effective banner ad design! (particularly flash animated ads).

Module 5: Information Architecture

This module is titled "information architecture" but half of it is about designing banner ads. Go figure!

There will be links here to resources about information architecture - site organisation, directory structure.